Picking Up Singles for casual or serious relationship in Kampala, Uganda

Picking Up Single Girls in Kampala, Uganda

Pick up girls in Kampala for casual sex and relationships

This post on picking up single girls in Kampala for casual sex or a serious relationship should have a little something for everyone. We have no idea what types of women you like, what your goals are, or what way you prefer to try and meet them.

So we are just going to load this post up with everything we know on the subject and let you choose your own adventure. For some that will mean going out to the Kololo nightlife district to pick up slutty girls in Kampala.

You can always find a good party in this town, but we know not all guys like to party so the best online dating site in Africa will get a shout out. If you use it effectively you can put yourself in a position to have a date with a different girl every night, but that will take some effort.

We will also talk about how it might be hard to figure out if you are meeting a good girl, a prostitute, or a gold digger. Like we said, we have no idea what you are into but want to help everyone out as much as possible.

Pick Up Single Girls In Kololo

Kololo nightclubs bars meet slutty Kampala girls for sex

Now we are going to move on to the single girls, trying to figure out if they want your money, your dick, or your heart might be hard. Before we go too far into this post lets just get something out of the way really quick.

This is one of the poorest countries in the world and just about all of the girls are going to need money. Whether it is paying for food, transportation, or a little extra for them to survive that is just how things work in poor countries.

The lines between good girl, semi pro, and hooker are very thin. Some guys come here and ‘shore’ which means pick up girls at prostitute bars and expect to not have to pay.

Somewhere like Dubai where sex costs hundreds of dollars shoring can be a financial thing. Here, where sex is so cheap shoring can only be described as an ego issue. Get over yourself and help the poor girl out if she asks you for $10.

Expect many of the girls here to expect a little compensation, but it is so little it isn’t a big deal. With that out of the way there are many good things about meeting girls here.

One of the best is that you don’t need to play silly games with them. If you see a pretty girl on the street (or anywhere) walk up to her, say hello, and ask for her number.

They are very direct and don’t beat around the bush. If you have a chance they will give you their number right then, if you don’t they will reject you.

It is important to note that you may need to call the Kampala girls you meet, not just text them. Just because they have a phone doesn’t mean they can afford to pay to use it, so if they aren’t replying give them a call. Whatsapp would be the most popular chatting app in Uganda.

When dating Kampala girls keep your chats simple. Don’t neg them, don’t make intricate jokes that can be hard to understand, they might be OK at English but they don’t have a full grasp on the subtleties.

Just use nice guy game, be direct, and get them back to your place as quickly as possible. Foreign men are already ‘in’ and just need to not mess it up, you don’t need to try to impress them.

Logistics in this city are pretty terrible so you need to pick your location wisely. Kololo is one of the better districts of the city to stay with some good nightlife, or you could try Bukoto and Nakasero.

Taxis are referred to as ‘private hire’ the local word taxi actually means a shared minibus. You can also get around on motorbike taxis called boda boda.

When girls in Kampala want casual sex they go party in Kololo, some of the top bars and clubs in this city are:

Remember that just because you aren’t in the red light district doesn’t mean that their will be no hookers around in the other clubs around town. If you want to try day game a couple nice malls are Garden City Shopping Mall and Acacia Mall. Garden City is located in Kololo so a hotel near there would be a perfect place for you to set up camp.

Meeting Kampala Girls Online

Where to meet slutty girls in Kampala for easy sex

You can easily meet Uganda girls online on the various dating apps or also on Afro Introductions. It is the top African online dating site to meet women in Uganda seeking foreign men.

In a city of a million and a half people there should be plenty of single Kampala girls using it. Just log on a week before your trip and start to pipeline.

Remember you can be direct with these girls and don’t need to try to game them. Send out a polite opening message, when you get a reply move the chat to Whatsapp, and then invite them out when you get into town.

A coffee or dinner date in Kololo should get them to meet you and if you have a place nearby it shouldn’t be too hard to get them to close. Afro Introductions will be the easiest way to meet girls in a city like this that is so tough logistically and not the safest to roam after dark.

We also have recently learned that Adult Friend Finder is pretty popular here. If you just want to have sex and not get into a serious relationship then give it a try. Good luck picking up single girls in Kampala for casual sex or a serious relationship.

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