Entebbe City Tour & Excursion

Entebbe is perched on the northern shores of Lake Victoria, Africa’s largest lake, approximately 37 kilometres southwest of Kampala, Uganda’s largest city and capital. Entebbe not only holds a status as for the only international gate way but also has the status of a game sanctuary, and main attractions include the Ugandan Wildlife Education Center, the Botanical Gardens, and beaches along Lake Victoria.

Entebbe tour

Your day tour of Entebbe takes you to botanical gardens for special birding, a visit to Uganda Wildlife centre for wildlife viewing and also relaxing on one of the most amazing sand beaches on the off shore of the great Victoria Lake.

Alternative, you can choose to go for Mabamba birding spree for the rare species of the shoebill bird and other birdlife including the Ruff, Wood, Common, Marsh Sandpipers, Common Green Shank, Long-tailed and Great Cormorants, Madagascar Bee-eater, Green Crombec, Orange weaver, Golden and Yellow backed weavers and Superb sunbird among others. Upon arrival you will take a boat ride on a traditional canoe inside the grassy and swampy forested River in search for birds and other interesting wildlife

A visit to the Reptile Village in Entebbe for a true passion of all reptile species in Uganda including the Three-Horned Chameleon, African Rock Python, cat Eyed snake and the many Venomous snakes