Wildlife Photography – Uganda Photo Safaris Picturesque Locations

Wildlife Photography – Uganda Photo Safaris Picturesque Locations

We arrange photography trips around Uganda and Rwanda. Ask us about the best photo opportunities, protection of your equipment and camera plus the weather. Our experienced driver-guides will take you to the best spots and park the vehicle in such a way that will provide you the right angles and safe distance to take the best shots.

What you need to know: If you have the right lens to use for getting the best shots of static as well as moving animals. Photographing wildlife in the forest and the open savannah is different. Whereas it is dark in some patches of the forest, the open grasslands have their down side too. A passing vehicle on a dusty track or during game drives raises dust and particles which could ruin your camera. You need to protect your camera with a hood or plastic bag from such as well as rain.

Some local people do not mind their photos to be taken and they will love it if you show the picture to them after a shot. However, some people do not like it. Therefore, it is only polite to request through the Guide before taking their photographs. Take note that it is not permitted at any time to take pictures of, or near, police, military buildings or soldiers.

All medium and luxury lodges have battery charging facilities for visual or audio equipment. However, systems of sockets are different. In Uganda, the three plug British system is used while in Rwanda, it is the French two plug sockets that are used. If your appliance’s plug doesn’t match the shape of these sockets, you will need a plug adapter for you to plug in. Travel plug adapters will change the shape of your appliance’s plug to match whatever type of socket in your room. You can as well bring an adapter for both types.

There is no charge for personal photography cameras and video recorders, but there may be a charge for commercial filming and photography in some places especially the national parks. If you have any special requirements, let us know in time so that we can advise.

In the wilderness, animals are unpredictable. You never know when and where exactly you will spot the next bird or animal. There are however some look out points in some parks like Lake Mburo and Kidepo where you can patiently wait for beautiful shots. Expect a surprise anytime therefore camera should be ready.