1 Day Ngamba Island Tour Chimpanzees

1 Day Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Tour

The true everlasting chimpanzee experience is a 1 Day Ngamba island chimpanzee tour. How? Here you take a step and get to personally feed these life apes and close human relatives. Everyone’s happiness to visit the true mankind wildlife. Anyway, this tour has a half tour and a full day at the island sanctuary.

1 Day Ngamba Island Tour ChimpanzeesDetails of a 1 Day Ngamba island chimpanzee tour.

It’s either you in Kampala or Entebbe. Then we drive to the Entebbe landing Where we set off by 9:00 am and lead our way to the sanctuary for a boat cruise of between 45 minutes to 1.5 hours.

On reaching the island, you will be happily welcomed by the island staff and they will equip you with the best information about the chimpanzees and the island at large.

At this point, you will be able to see the first feeding at 11:30 am and you will participate by staging at the raised platform and going on to feed the chimps. And the second feeding time will be at 2:00 pm. Again the chimps come into an open area to get on appetizer fruit given to them. And they will go ahead to show them skills into capturing the food given to them.

Afterward, if there is still enough time, you can sunbathe at the beach and bird watching is also possible in the forest and also swimming is so perfect. Later on, get back on Tebow boat for the transfers to the mainland and then to your lodge or airport.

End of Ngamba island chimpanzee tour.


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