Most Romantic Safaris in Africa

The Most Romantic Safaris in Africa – Africa, The Paradise on Earth

Africa has proven time and again to be the perfect scene for legendary love tales. In 1952 after King George VI died, Princess Elizabeth who was on a romantic getaway with Prince Philip in Kenya became queen.
Africa has proven time and again to be the perfect scene for legendary love tales. In 1952 after King George VI died, Princess Elizabeth who was on a romantic getaway with prince Philip in Kenya became queen. Prince William also proposed to Kate Middleton at Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, Kenya in 2010 before going on a honeymoon on Seychelles. While a young Lord Grogan trekked from Cape Town to Cairo to prove his love for Miss Gertrude Coleman-Watt.

The African scenes are bound from the snow capped mountain ranges in the North and South, the unending plains that straddle Central and East Africa, to the long warm and varied coastlines all around the continent and rich diversity of flora and fauna as the cherry on the cake. Even with modern man’s intrusion, many places in Africa retain their magical, surreal appeal and remain a sanctuary to a troubled spirit, a feast for thirsty eyes. It is very easy and unavoidable to wax lyrical of Africa’s majestic safaris. Choosing the best ones is largely a matter of personal preference for that is what the sights and scenes across Africa offer, a personal journey in a tapestry of untold treasures.

Without much a tease here is a glimpse of some of the most romantic safaris to sample when on your trip to this side of Eden.

1. Camp Nomade, Chad

Camp Nomade is located in Zakouma National Park and as the name suggests, it is a mobile camp that moves as the wild migrate for best coverage of the animals in their natural playground. Decorated with Chadian touch, the luxurious tents are made of canvas roof. Here, herds of buffalos from Central African savannah preyed on by lions make a playground. Baboon, jackal, hyenas, foxes and the endangered elephants make the safari richer. Every day, a variety of birds will crowd the park and you’ll never get tired of the habitat from grassland plains to riverine forest to inselbergs all throughout your safari.

2. andBeyond Phinda Vlei Lodge, South Africa

From the comfort of your bathtub, bed or your private swimming pool, you can watch the game in their natural habitat. From a crocodile preying on a zebra to a monkey trickling her youngster, jumping from one tree or simply being naughty you can watch in detail in your comfortable suite. The intimate and private romantic safari destination is built at the corner of the forest making it easier to experiencing the wonders of the wild without necessary walking from your suite to watch animals in actions at the lodge.

3. Singita Sabora Tented Camp, Tanzania

Set in the untouched wilderness of Serengeti plains in Grementi Reserves, Singita Sabora sketches over 350,000 acres. Couples get to experience 1920s tented camps and sip on their favorite sundowner on the deck and watch at shooting stars through telescopes allocated in every room. Or are served a feast under a star lit sky in the wilderness with no worries of attacking wild. Other adventures includes twice daily game drives in open safari vehicles, nature walks, mountain biking, archery, hot air balloon rides, horse riding or a relaxed day on a heated plunge pool and Jacuzzi. But perhaps the annual Great Migration of wildebeest in the Serengeti is what you will never get over from this place.

4. Greystoke Mahale, Tanzania

A unique high end remote beach camp located in the base of the densely forested Mahale Mountains National Park. It is a home to one of the world largest populations of wild chimpanzees. The struggles to get into this paradise is worth everything. In the evenings, you watch the sun sets in harmony with Lake Tanganyika and then disappears in the hills of the Congo. You can also spot bush pig, variety of birds and butterfly, and leopards. The essence of swimming in the lake in a blue sky renews you. And with hundreds of cichlids that have survived years along the shore, you can fish here in Greystoke while in German war ship “Graf Von Goetzen. And after that, you can relax and enjoy the Mahale Mountains.

5. Miombo Safari Camp, Zimbabwe

Located between Dete Road and Hwange National Park main entrance, one is able to experience live scenes from a buffalo, elephant herd or a lion pride coming for a drink at the waterhole which is the main focus of the camp. Miombo has relatively cheaper rates than camps set inside the park, hence always overbooked in peak season. It offers 4 elevated tented suites, 2 tree- houses and four small brick and thatch rooms set back in the forest ground level. Main dining area is also thatched roof while large pools are shaded from by large teak trees from hot seasons. Main gain it is the most accessible camp in Hwange, and just two hour drive to Victoria Falls and three hours from Bulawayo and great choice for couple on a tight budget.

6. Mwiba Lodge, Tanzania

In the south-west off Serengeti, stands a secluded, sophisticated haven known as Mwiba lodge. The private 51,000 acre wildlife reserve is the brain of Texas billionaire Dan Friedkin. His idea was unmatched experience luxury adventure in exclusive destination mixed with both traditional and modern décor. Set among massive stone boulders, ancient coral trees and acacias, overseeing the Arugusinyai River, the interior designs are made of textured creams paired with suede, tans, and accents of chocolate and charcoal. Exquisite copper fixtures, large soaking tubs and private outside showers complete the room. Couples can enjoy the sights and sounds of parading animals, and three springs from the river as they take a dip in the pool.

7. Segera Retreat, Kenya

Enjoy a wide range of activities in a landscape diverse with both arid and savannah grasslands, waterfalls, rivers, woodlands and relive every romantic scene from Oscar winning film “Out of Africa” because, it’s all started here in 1985. This heaven, one of Africa success great conservation success stories is located in Laikipia Plateau and its six timber and thatch villas are raised to look out to Mt. Kenya and fenced with cactus to protect from game attack. If you ever had a dream to ever see a wild dog, pata monkey or wander and relax within a swanky oasis, this is it. Here, art and aesthetic experience surrounds you at every turn besides conserving the second highest density of wildlife in Kenya. Paddock House, wine Tower and renovated stables make up the main areas. You can sip wine from collection of African and French reds and whites in the intimate wine tower bar, and dine in rooms filled with contemporary African art from Zeitz collection add spice to the lodge. And for a wellness journey, Rasul steam tower & Spa got you covered and refreshing salt water pools.

8. Xaranna Delta Camp, Botswana

If you ever dreamt of a wonder and magic type of experience in a delta with the love of your life, then book a flight and head over to this camp. The safari experience is exclusive, intimate on the luxurious, papyrus lined waterways of the 272,000 hectares Okavango Delta in Botswana. Here, there are just nine tented camps for your privacy and total experience. While on here, you can explore the uncountable islands of Delta or embark on game drives in the floodplains or seasoned grasslands, woodland, shrub land and savanna. You will witness and track the big five, sitatunga antelopes, African wild dog, cheetahs, leopards, hippos, elephants and buffalos and unique birds, frogs and fish. You can also explore the haunting sights, smells and sounds of the Okavango Delta.

9. Sirikoi, Kenya

The award winning eco-lodge is set at the beautiful haunting Lewa Wildlife Conservancy on the Northern slopes of Mt Kenya in Laikipia. Sirikoi Lodge is a slice of heaven on earth with its effortless blend of luxury and the safari spirit in Africa. From walks in the bush and horse riding to helicopter tours and cultural outings of Maasai II Ngwesi community, there is something for everybody. Couples can choose to stay in the four luxury tents with private verandas and living areas with stunning fireplace, oversized bed and a Victorian bath and shower. Or they can stay at the secluded and private Sirikoi Cottage which is made up of thatch and stone. Here, on the large deck area, one can watch the buffalo and elephants roam in the nearby wetlands. The third option for couples is the Sirikoi House, a three bedroom, exclusive house with its own kitchen, dining and living rooms all decorated with items from around the globe. And if that is not enough, an evening can be next to an open fire to cap your magical day in the world. From here, you can watch sunset across the distant mountain ranges as you reminisce about the endangered Grevy’s Zebra you two saw earlier in the Ngare forest.