Ssese Habitat Resort

Ssese Habitat Resort

Ssese Habitat Resort is an exciting resort built on the summit of an ever green island of Bugala, the most developed of the 84 island that make the famous ssese islands of Lake Victoria.  The resort comprises of 19 fully furnished rooms-five self contained luxury rooms offering full board bed and breakfast.. The resort also has a camp ground for campers that wish to use their own equipment or tents.

The atmosphere provides comfort and peace of mind to those who attach quality and serenity to their vacation, holiday, work schedules e.t.c. The resort offers a quiet serene environment away from all the hassles of busy cities and is covered in natural lash green vegetation and a surrounding of tropical forest with various bird, insect and animal species.

We stayed at Ssese Habitat Resort (also known as SSEHAB) with all its spectacular views, friendly staff, and comfortable rooms.

Ssese Habitat Resort is surrounded by an abundance of greenery everywhere and their actual accommodations are set like a spacious home with an open living room, dining area, and balconies wrapping all around. The bedrooms all have a private bathroom, of course. Some rooms have a good sized bathtub, other rooms just a shower… you pick. A perfect choice for groups, families, corporate retreats and it encourages socializing with other guests if you are a sociable person like my friends and I.

My favorite item in the room was a tall wooden dresser/closer with a lock and key. This allowed me to lock up all of my belongings. Very few hotels I’ve stay in had that added security feature. Kudos to SSEHAB!!!

SEEHAB also has a second property a short drive away where apparently every Friday, guests from all the other island resorts come together to enjoy a bonfire and some dancing at their attached dancehall club. I didn’t do the bonfire till Saturday evening and actually enjoyed the smaller crowd that showed up. We were a group of about 16. I don’t know much about Friday but Saturday evening was the perfect ending that included dancing and a night dip in Lake Victoria. You know I took the opportunity to skinny dip with my new island friend. I need to find more daring friends like her . That evening ended at 4am… YES! FUNTIMES!

The next day after breakfast time, I took a picturesque 1.5 hour drive down to Pelican Beach with a few other guests from other hotels. The views are seriously a photographer’s obsession. The ride was much longer because we all wanted to stop and take these marvelous photos of Lake Victory surrounded by the utter beauty of the green hills.

Arriving at Pelican Beach with its white soft sand, I immediate took to the forest with our awesome guide Dennis. While the other guests stayed and enjoyed the beachside, I walked for about an hour deep into the forest yet still right by the water with our awesome guide. As a micro photography lover, the opportunities for finding the perfect shots were absolutely endless.

Upon returning back to SSEHAB, I reunited with friends and we chilled for a bit, ate dinner, and walked around the local town areas. After settling into our rooms for the night, I decided to keep the island adventures going. My friends left in the 8am ferry. I stayed another night mostly because there was still way too much to do and not enough time.