Africa’s Best Budget Travel Destinations

Africa’s Best Budget Travel Destinations as Listed

Have you considered traveling in 2020? Here are four cost-friendly destinations you should try. Moreover, they have exciting experiences.
The irony of traveling is; the more you travel, the more you want to explore many other places that you have not seen- it is a spiral web with no end.

To capture the best budget destinations in Africa for your exploration in 2017, I have summarized adventures from some of the world’s fervent travelers.

Here are the top four Africa’s Best Budget Travel Destinations as Listed:

Cape Point, South Africa

According to Nicole Brewer, a lover of all things tours and travel, Cape Point is a must go destination, especially due to its affordable day trip packages by Baz Bus Tours. With hop on, hop off tour- bus, a traveler is promised a full day trip at very reasonable prices.

Cape Point is home to African penguins at Boulder Beach and Cape Point National Park, Cape Point.


The youngest American to visit every country in the world, Lee Abbamonte, identifies Egypt as a cheap destination to try this year. Political unrest leading to fluctuating currencies has made it a cheaper option for travelers.

Moreover, UK’s Trip Advisor notes that in the middle of summer (July–September), is a low tourism season. That being the case, the sites are less crowded, there are fewer people competing for hotels, and there are more options to pick from, making it affordable for on budget travelers. The only downside to travelling during this period is that it can be rather hot especially in the southern parts of the country.


Malawi is the land of friendly people dubbed “The warm heart of Africa,” making it a major draw card for tourists.

A travel writer- Steph- still has plans to visit this incredible budget travel destination. She looks forward to a music festival that happens at Lake Malawi- the ninth largest lake in the world- as well as diving opportunities in the land-locked country.


Ethiopia is known for the richness of its culture. The country has a fascinating and unique history.

Other than that, the cost of staying in Ethiopia is relatively cheap; at least that is what a traveler revealed in an article

There’s a variety of food in Ethiopia including the popular injera (a sour pancake) dipped into vegetables or spicy meat.

“We each paid less than a dollar for as much as we could possibly eat,” said Eric Vance while commenting about his Ethiopian experience.

These are some of the cheap but exciting destinations you should consider in 2020.

Have you traveled to any of these four places, or elsewhere? We would like to hear from you. Please share your experiences with us.