Mountaineering Tours in Uganda – Mountaineering tours in Uganda

Mountaineering tours in Uganda – Preparing for the Mountain Hike

Mountaineering tours take you through different mount peaks. Hiking is well established in the Rwenzori Mountains and on Mount Elgon. The Rwenzoris are a chain of mountains with several peaks. These snow capped mountains along the border with Congo have been developed and opened to hikers engaged in lower altitudes or who would like to ascend to the glacial peaks of up to 5000 meters.

Mountain Elgon on the other hand is an extinct volcano with a large Caldera at the peak. One does not need special equipment to hike.

Enthusiastic hikers may want to try out other Volcanoes including Mount Mgahinga on the border with Rwanda and Congo or Mount Moroto in the east near the border with Kenya. For effective hiking to the peaks, you need some equipment which you can bring or hire on site. For your customized itineraries, kindly let us know.

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