Top Attractions in Kigali City

Top Attractions in Kigali City

Top Attractions in Kigali City the capital city of Rwanda was named in 1907 by Dr. Richard Kandt. While on this tour, expect to visit the Kandt house, Presidential Palace Museum, Kigali convention center, Gisozi Genocide Memorial Site among others.

The Gisozi Genocide Memorial Site

Gisozi Genocide Memorial Site – sometimes referred to as Kigali Genocide Memorial site; is the major burial ground to over 250,000 victims of The 1994 Rwanda Genocide Outbreak in which several lives were claimed. This was a tribal war between the Hutu and Tutsi of Rwanda. It therefore commemorates all the lives of those claimed during this outbreak in Rwanda.

At the site, you get to watch documentaries, videos and images of the 1994 Genocide. Gisozi Genocide Memorial Center can be best reached by road transport and is only a 10 -15 minutes’ drive from the center of Kigali City.

It can be visited at any day of the week (8:00AM – 5:00PM) except for the last Saturday of the month due to Umuganda Community Work that it opens at (1:00PM – 5: 00 PM).

Kandt House Museum of Natural History

This was home to Richard Kandt, the German scientist that was later, 2006 turned into a Natural History Museum. This presents explanations of different Flora and fauna species, from the National Parks of Nyungwe, Akagera and Volcanoes National Park.

Presidential Palace Museum

This was home to former president of Rwanda – Habyarimana. It’s here that the plane crush took place in which he was killed and later sparked off the April 1994 Rwanda Genocide War.

Kigali Conventional Center

This is Rwanda’s center for conventions, meetings, incentives and exhibition on both national and international levels. In addition, there’s also the Five Star Radisson Blue good for tourist use, conferences and even several business locations.

Caplaki Craft Village

This is a perfect stopover for souvenirs with lots of handmade gifts and crafts for tourists. It’s covered with several colorful huts selling new and old African fabrics that is dresses, sunhats woven table mats and baskets, bags, mats, wooden carvings ie animal carvings, wooden toys, etc. It’s a wonderful place to visit.

Kimironko Market

This is yet another exciting place for purchasing handmade crafts ,, fabrics and foot wear among others. It’s here you can order for an African printed out fit sown just for you.