Amazing African Tourist Destinations You Should Visit

Amazing African Tourist Destinations You Should Visit

Let 2020 be the year to explore Africa. Whether you are living on the continent, or outside, Africa has great sceneries that will leave you enchanted and more knowledgeable about the region.

1. Grand-Baie, Mauritius

For exotic and lavish experience, Mauritius’ Grand-Baie is the place to be. The site hosts lively restaurants, a natural harbor, and white-sand beaches. Back in the 17th century, the Dutch called it ‘De Bogt Zonder Eynt’ which means the ‘Bay without End’.

Tourists can choose from a variety of fun activities at the coastal village located in Rivière du Rempart District. With such a vast bay, swimming, windsurfing, and sailing are a must for enthusiasts.

What you should try, though, is the Glass-bottom boat trips, which introduces you to a new range of animals and environment- the underwater world. Amazing sight, isn’t it? Daredevils should try out the two-person submarine and cruise beneath the surface with tropical fish.

2. Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Still exploring water experiences, Victoria Falls- one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the world- should be on your list of top African destinations.

Despite the economic turmoil and authoritarian rule, Zimbabwe is building its tourism infrastructure including the $150 million airport in Victoria Falls.

The new facility will be capable of welcoming 1.5 million people a year- you should be part of these massive travelers.

Want to enjoy a fascinating scene than that of a rainbow? At Victoria Falls, there are moonbows. During a full moon, the light of the moon is reflected in the waterfall spray creating what is also called the lunar rainbow.

In a clear day columns of spray and mist are seen from miles away (50 kilometers). The roars from the waterfall are heard from a distance of 40 kilometers.

3. Fes, Morocco

Also referred to as the cultural capital of Morocco, Fes is situated in the northeastern part of the country.

The city is a host of diverse historical and cultural lineage cast on the backdrop of the medieval times. From hosting world’s oldest university- the University of Al-Karaouine, to ancient maze-like quarters of the Medina, the walled city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site

You will enjoy works of art from cultured artisans; see the historical building such as the four Gates of Fes with their distinctive Moroccan tile work.

4. Diani Beach, Kenya

From historical sites in Morocco to sparkling white sands of Diani at Kenya’s coastal region.

Located 30 kilometers south of Mombasa, Diani has an extensive beach (10 kilometers) with shallow waters near the shore.

The tropical Eden has gorgeous weather and sceneries including the underwater sandbars near the surface. Coral reefs ensure that seaweed is filtered out, making the sandy shores pristine. Some of the activities you can enjoy here are snorkeling, windsurfing, sunrise and other water sports.

The inland from the beach is lush with vegetation including palm trees. On a warm sunny day, you can relax under a beach umbrella with refreshing coconut water or any other drink of your choice.

Don’t forget to try a camel ride while on the Kenyan coast.

5. Bisate Lodge, Rwanda

Come June 2017, Wilderness Safari’s Bisate Lodge “located in the natural amphitheater of an eroded volcanic cone,” will open its doors to tourists. Located just a short drive to the entrance of Volcanoes National Park, the lodge will give visitors an opportunity to see the critically endangered mountain gorilla.

If you are an environment enthusiast, the site is best for you as it plans to launch tree planting initiatives, as well as a number of educational programs aimed at creating awareness and protecting endangered species.

Over the years, Rwanda has gained a reputable name for its clean streets, safety, and development. It has been labeled “Singapore of Africa” due to these characteristics.

If you have time and cash to spare, also visit the memorial sites dedicated to genocide victims. While it is horrific what happened some 22 years ago, the museums provide a firm background of why countries and individuals should maintain peace at all costs.

6. Djenne, Mali

Established in 800 BC, Djenne town is one of the oldest cities in Mali and the oldest known city in sub-Saharan Africa. It is adorned in fascinating mud-brick homes decorated with paint. In the olden days, Djenne was a market hub; today it hosts the Grand Marche- a Monday market that congregates thousands to sell their merchandise.

It is in Djenne that you will find the largest mud house in the world- a sight to behold, right?

Today, the old Towns of Djenne still retains the values which justified its “outstanding universal value at its inscription on the UNESCO World Heritage List.”

Djenne is a one stop site for tourists who wish to see archaeological, historical, religious and architectural values of the early people of Mali.

7. Arusha, Tanzania

Arusha is the safari capital of Tanzania located beneath the twin peaks of Mt. Meru and Mount Kilimanjaro. From Arusha, you can see the dramatic crater of Mt Meru, which stands over the town majestically claiming its space among the lush forest.

You can decide to visit nearby national parks such as the Serengeti National Park, Tarangire National Park, and Lake Manyara. Take the chance to trek up the peak of Mt Kilimanjaro with climbers and safari enthusiasts.

As it is centrally located, Arusha is the starting point of many a fine safari or a great cultural tour that you will never forget. It is fondly referred to as ‘Geneva of Africa’- a place to prepare for a journey into the African bush.

8. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Uganda