Safari Payment Options

Safari Payment Options

Online Payment using PesaPal …

PesaPal is a relatively new online Payment platform in East Africa. Pesapal is the equivalent of the western Paypal With PesaPal travelers are able to pay for a Safari – Holiday in Africa using a safe and Secure Online Payment platform Pesapal Online Safari Payment.

Safari Payments made through Pesapal do attract up to 5% surcharge on the amount(s) sent through them using either Visa Or Mastercard. Pesapal Online Safari Payment is one of our most recommended convenient safari payment options but we, unfortunately, can’t really call it the Cheapest since the surcharge varies with the amount being paid. Using this option, you can pay us directly through our website.  Look on the top menu and on the top right is “Payments” click on “

How to Find the Online Safari payment On our Site:

Look on the top menu and Select “Payments”, thereafter click on Pay Online which leads you to a safari payment form, input your details as required. A confirmation receipt will be Sent to you reflecting the payment you just made

In particular, these are the things you will be required to fill in when paying online with PesaPal:

First Name* Phone Number:
Last Name* Card Number: (example: 3210 7654 8765 9876 )
Email address* Card Expiry Date:
Country: Card Verification Number: (example: menu– your card info is safe and neither stored nor shared with any third party.

The money that you pay goes directly into PesaPal’s trust account at a bank in Uganda. We automatically receive notification by both emails as soon as the transaction is complete. We then transfer the money into our bank account. It takes three – six or more business days for us to access the money at the bank from the time its transferred from the PesaPal trust account to our bank.

Pesapal was introduced into Uganda from Kenya after several years of operation doing money transfers using mobile phones. Many big firms now use it and my best bet is you will definitely consider this option.

Bank Wire / Telegraphic / Bank to Bank Transfer Method

Most of our major payments are through Bank Wire/Telegraphic Transfer (TT) / method. You can wire / telegraphic transfer money directly into our bank account from anywhere around the world by using the information right down below. Note that even when this has been the primary manner in which our previous customers send down payments including for gorilla and chimp permits, there are costs attached and it’s best if you compare the various charges you may incur sending the money to us. Bank charges vary depending on your country bank. Please consult your bank for additional information.

Beneficiary: Rinsa Wild Travel Safaris Ltd

Bank Name: Orient Bank (U)
Bank Branch: Katwe Branch
USD Account Number:
Swift Code: 

In the event that your bank requests for our local/physical address:

We are located In Mengo, Balintuma Road, Plot 10 Mulumba Building

Cash Payments:

Payments for Gorilla, Chimpanzee permits, and other individual bookings

Paying for your Uganda safari, with  Wild Travel Safaris is never a rush. The only money we often request to advance is usually to cater for Gorilla or Chimpanzee tracking permits. Upon receipt of your money onto our bank account, we will immediately secure your permits, and keep them till when you arrive.