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COVID-19 UPDATE & POST HOLIDAY SAFARI | Impact on Holiday Safari
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Post COVID-19 Safaris Offers For Wildlife Safaris, Gorilla adventures, trekking in Uganda & Rwanda from $499 pp!
Historical Trend:

The outbreak of coronavirus, also termed as COVID-19, began in Wuhan, China in December 2019 and thus claiming the COVID-19. The virus started spreading globally at an alarming rate, with high numbers of confirmed cases infected and shooting deaths rates as of April 7, 2020. Basically, in Asia, Europe and America. Initially, China had the highest number of infected cases but the trends kept on advancing from state to state as it was in Italy, Spain, Germany, France etc.

Although COVID-19 has been slow to take root in Africa, cases are now spreading rapidly. Since the first case was recorded on the continent on February 14, 2020, Africa as a continent has registered 10,018 cases and 484 deaths as of April 7 noted by UNDP & WHO report. Within Eastern Africa and the Great Lakes Region, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Rwanda initially had the highest number of confirmed cases but as for July 31, 2020, Kenya is reported to having the highest number of confirmed cases and deaths. It would be obvious that numbers of new infections and deaths is expected to continue to rise on a daily basis as long as there is continued contact, both direct and indirect, between infected persons and uninfected members of the population, and the number of uninfected potential hosts within the population is large.
The Impact Covid-19 to Uganda:

Uganda as a destination was prepared on handling the COVID-19 pandemic as the Government implemented the necessary guidelines and SOPs before the country registering a case of which among others was closure of schools, prayer places malls etc as they were assured of having higher concentrations of individuals. On having the First case of the infected person, the airport was also closed, public transport was also close and a lockdown was effected. This has greatly affected the social-economic status of the country and for the five months of the lockdown, the government of Uganda adequately tried to manage the pandemic and the progress is now to easing of the lockdown which was heavily breaking down the economy. Many of the activities are now operational from Hotel services, public transport, etc apart from schools and prayer places still not yet open for the public.
COVID-19 and Tourism in Uganda:

Tourism and Destinations is one of the sectors that have been greatly hit by this pandemic but to Uganda as Update its only the airport that is still holding back the Operational of the tourism sector. However, all destination areas in Uganda with strict measures of following the recommended standard operating procedures (SOPs) are put in place and this implies that the Country is yet ready to open up for visitation.
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