Applying for East African Visa

Applying for East African Visa – Guide to obtaining your East African Visa

The East African Tourist Visa offers tourists / travelers multiple entries into Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda basically for tourism purposes.

To some extent, the 3 East African Community States do share tourist attractions like mountain gorillas for Uganda and Rwanda, wildlife viewing, mountain climbing, game drives and launch cruises among others.

However, each of these offer different satisfaction to tourists ; this is why some clients choose a long combined East African Trip so that they can enjoy all these activities as provided in each country.

The East African Visa is available for all travelers/ tourists; allowing multiple entries into Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda with a period of 90 Days.

Persons Eligible for East African Visa

Travelers / Tourists from the entire world are eligible to the East African Visa as long as;

  • Tourists from all over the world can obtain the East African Visa without any restrictions
  • Visa fee $100
  • All tourists must have all the necessary documents that’s ; Valid International Passport,
  • When in possession of an East African Visa, tourists/ travelers should not look for work as this is not allowed.
  • When in possession of the East African Visa, tourists should take note; the country from which the Visa was applied and obtained is the entry point ( starting point) and later can freely cross into other countries without incurring any additional costs.
  • Once expired, the East African Visa cannot be extended.

Benefits of East African Visa

With the motive of boosting tourism among the East African Community member states, the East African Visa was introduced and this has several benefits;

  • The Visa holder can freely move between Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda at anytime without adding an extra fee ( this is within the Validity of 90 Days from the time it’s issued)
  • The East African Visa permits tourists a stay of 90 Days within the East African Community States.
  • The Visa holder, has multiple entries into any of the 3 countries(Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda)

Applying for an East African Visa

The East African visa can be directly applied for via online with any of the immigration offices in either of the countries. 


In Uganda, gorilla permits can be obtained at the Airport on arrival provided all documents needed a valid, on the border and even online at


With Rwanda, Visas can be obtained via


These are basically obtained on the on arrival visa basis