Do you need a car insurance in abroad

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Do you need a car insurance in abroad?

If you need car insurance abroad, then this article is just what you need!

Traveling abroad using a car means not only knowing the documentation that may be required in the country you visit, but also reviewing the insurance policy and paying attention to the additional coverage that you may need and the limits of them.

Coverage of damages caused to third parties

Without exception, all insurance have civil liability coverage, which covers the damages you may cause to third parties in an accident. The essential document if you go abroad is the green card, by which you can prove that you have the obligatory insurance.

Voluntary coverage

All insurers have in their general conditions a section where specify the applied territorial scope. Each company has a different scope of application, which may be different for each of its coverage.

Additional guarantees

The insurance companies offer other additional guarantees that are only valid abroad or that extend the provision of travel assistance with respect to an accident in your own country.

Some of the coverage available only if you travel abroad are:

Information service:

The insurer offers you information regarding vaccination necessary to visit the destination country and request for visas, in addition to those requirements specified to enter the country and not only that! it also offers you a very useful information, the addresses and contacts of your Embassies and Consulates around the world.

Advice and telephone medical assistance:

With this service you can consult with a doctor aspects related to your state of health.

Healthcare and hospitalization expenses:

service can be included in the driver’s insurance coverage, but if you are outside our country there are companies that include, in addition, hospitalization expenses, medications and medical fees. They can also offer you the cost of shipping forgotten medicines to the place where you are.

Convalescence of the insured:

If by medical prescription you cannot continue the trip, your insurance company will pay you the expenses of stay in hotels for a time and a limited amount. Moving a relative to the place of hospitalization and staying at hotels: your insurance company pays a round trip ticket to a relative to keep you company if you are convalescing outside your home. They also usually pay for hotel stays.

Advancement of funds abroad:

Do you see yourself without cash on your trip due to loss of luggage, theft, illness or accident? Do not panic, the insurer manages the sending of money to meet basic needs up to a limit amount provided that it is guaranteed by a third party back home, a deposit at the financial institution that your company indicates. Advance of judicial bond: if in a traffic accident you are required by the competent authorities, the insurance company will advance you an amount determined in the policy to guarantee your provisional freedom. Of course, you must commit yourself by writing to the refund of the amount in a set time.

These are just some of the things you need to know when it comes to finding a car insurance quote (for rental car) abroad for your trips. If you want to save time and money on your comprehensive car insurance and you are interested in fully to drive other cars while abroad go on website and see how you can customize your insurance no matter what you do, no matter where you go!