How to best describe Mating in polygamy monogamy style?

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Mating system-is used to describe the ways in which animal societies are structured in relation to sexual behaviors.

There are only two types of breeding/mating system based on number of exclusive, dedicated partners. Where the different sexes choose only one dedicated partner, the resulting partnership is called paired-bond, and the mating system is called **monogamy*. The word monogamy is derived from mono (Greek), meaning single and gomos (Greek) meaning marriage, and is usually used to describe the practice of remaining with one partner for sexual reproduction and raising of young.(mothers/fathers union style)

Many animals however are not dedicated to only one partner and the mating system is then termed as *polygamy*. The word polygamy is similarly derived from _poly_ (Greek), meaning many and _gomos_ meaning marriage.

Polygamy is divided into three basic categories or types:

•****Polygyny**this means “many women” and is a system where a single male exclusively has many females. (Swahabas style)

• *Polyandry* this means “many men” and is a system where a single female ( usually the dominant sex) exclusively has many males.( eki line/ekinyiriri, Yuasa guys style)

•**Polyganandry** This is where multiple males and multiple females share each other i.e (olukalayi)

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