The 15 Sexiest Things Any Man Can Do To Attract A Woman

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The 15 Sexiest Things Any Man Can Do To Attract A Woman

By Isis Nezbeth, March 3rd 2016
Who says you have to be Ryan Gosling or Idris Elba to be sexy? I believe any man can be sexy. Contrary to popular belief, looks really don’t hold a lot of weight in the sexy category. Furthermore, the simplicity of the sexiest things a man can do will blow your mind. You ready? Let’s get into it.

1. Teach me something.
An intelligent man is a gift from the good Lord himself. Please notice I didn’t say educated. I’m a firm believer that ‘street smarts’ outweigh ‘book smarts’ any day. Just because you went to college does not mean you’re smart. Sorry, boys. God bless the man with his degree, but I’m here for you men who are able to operate by way of good home training and other gifts/talents as well. The man who is able to teach me something will forever be a treasure in my eyes.

2. Have good taste in music.
When I shared with you 5 Things Women Associate with Your Skills in Bed, I mentioned your taste in music and it’s absolutely true. Women find your taste in music extremely sexy, especially when it’s the kind of music she likes. If she’s not familiar with the music you listen to she’ll find it even sexier if you can make your style of music appeal to her. You definitely get extra points if you can sing or play an instrument. We melt!

3. Own a room / work the room.
It goes without saying that a confident man is unearthly sexy to women. What is even sexier than you being a confident man is when we see that confident man in action. If you’ve never done so before, invite a woman to join you at an office party or really any type of event that will showcase your ability to own and work a room. She’ll follow you the entire time and become astounded at how sexy it is to watch you handle yourself in this environment.

4. Two words: basketball shorts.
Yep. You know what I’m talking about. If you don’t like basketball shorts, sweatpants or pajama bottoms have the same effect. We’re crazy about them!

5. Look good in a suit.
Extra points if you wear a bow tie. We love to see you dressed down, but we can hardly control ourselves when you’re able to dress up and do it nicely. Just another little tip, the socks matter. I’m a fool for a man who wears those colorful, fun dress socks with a tailored suit and tie.

6. Smell good.
You knew that though. If you haven’t figured this one out yet, take the time to find a signature cologne you can wear all the time. There are certain fragrances that instantly remind me of the man I know who wears that particular fragrance. No matter where I smell it, he always comes rushing back to my mind. You want to have this effect on women–trust me. Another tip, it makes hugs and sex that much better… just saying.

7. Read.
A man who reads can teach me something new. A man who reads takes advantage of his free time. A man who reads is intelligent. A man who reads is ambitious. A man who reads values the opinion of others. A man who reads wants to know more than what people are willing to tell him. A man who reads is patient. A man who reads is SEXY.

8. Maintain relationships of all kinds (with business associates, friends, family, etc.).
Take heed to the different types of relationships I point out here. Yes, they all matter–at least to me. A man who can maintain these relationships is usually genuine, honest, and trustworthy. He values each of these types of relationships and is an asset within the relationship as well. Does that make sense? A relationship is a two-way street. A healthy relationship of any kind takes commitment. If you’re able to maintain personal relationships of these types then you obviously understand what it takes to build and maintain a long-lasting relationship.

9. Be ambitious.
God knows I think a man with ambition is just about as sexy as it gets. An ambitious man is strong and passionate in everything that he does. This kind of man wins not because he has achieved something (although that is amazing, too), but because he has a hunger to want to achieve things. This kind of man is patient with the process of achievement. This kind of man likes to be encouraged and understands the importance of being encouraged and supported.

10. Be a little bit of a bad boy.
You know why good guys finish last? Because as stupid as it sounds, women love a man who lives on the edge–just a little. We want a man who has the ability to put his foot down without stepping on us. We want a man to be able to (respectfully) “put us in our place.” We want a man who can make a sarcastic comment without being known as the asshole or the douchebag–there’s a fine line here, so be careful. A little edginess goes a long way though–don’t push it.

11. Have a healthy sense of humor.
Who doesn’t love a man who can make you laugh? A man with a healthy sense of humor is extremely sexy. We want you to be able to be silly with us. We want you to laugh at our joke that really isn’t all that funny. We want you to be able to make us laugh ‘the laugh’ that we hate to do in public.

12. Expose your forearms.
I’m serious. A man in a collared shirt with the top few buttons undone and the sleeves rolled up to just below the elbow is bound to make most women hot in the pants. I’ve seen many places that it’s much like the effect cleavage has on you men. It’s masculine and sexy. To me, it even gives off a ‘free’ sort of vibe. Rolling your sleeves up kind of says, “I’m here and I’m ready to relax and have a good time.” Bonus points if you have tattoos!

13. Keep your body hair under control.
Yes, we want you to keep all of your body hair under control. You don’t have to shave everything, but we want you to keep things trimmed. I’m not a fan of taco meat, so I’d prefer that to be shaved, but not all women are like that. I don’t have a problem with armpit hair, but it shouldn’t be so long that you can braid it. I also don’t have a problem with pubic hair, but it should always be well-groomed. You don’t want us harboring a small forest down there and we don’t want that from you either. Let’s be fair.

14. Grow a beard.
You still need to keep it neat, but a full beard is so sexy. My goodness, the thoughts that come to my mind when I see a man with a nice beard. I have no idea what it is about it, fellas. Nevertheless, it is always a win for most of us women. We love a manly man with a nice beard. And if you have nice lips you may as well grab a mop because I’m sure we’ve left a puddle on the floor. Okay, just some light humor there, but seriously. If you have the ability to grow a nice beard.. try it some time.

15. Hold a conversation.
Women love to talk. A man who can create, engage, and end a conversation appropriately is very sexy! I’ve seen several articles that highlight the sexiness of a man who can hold a conversation, but you know what really turns me on about a man I can engage in conversation with? His ability to end the conversation in a manner that leaves the conversation on my mind and that leaves me wanting more! That’s a sure-fire way to guarantee that you hear from me again.

Well, there you have it, Gents. The sexiest things a man can do. You’ll notice that most of these things are practically effortless and none of them involve sex, bust we’ll tackle that next time. In the meantime between time, give these a shot.