2 Sexy Sentences That Will Drive Any Man Wild

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12 Sexy Sentences That Will Drive Any Man Wild
By Mark Rosenfeld, May 17th 2017

Want to make your man feel fantastic about himself and your relationship?

Want to make a guy’s day when you’re out and about?

Want to articulate to your boyfriend exactly what he does for you?

Foreplay and sex talk begins well before a couple enters the bedroom. Anticipation and excitement can begin when you’re out and about, on a date, or simply doing the shopping.

Here’s 12 things EVERY man loves to hear that will send him into a tailspin of desire…
“I love it when you wear that shirt/those pants. It really brings out your *body part*.”
The fact you find him sexy during the day is a great compliment unto itself, but adding in that his clothes showcase a sexy body part is the icing on the cake.

“If we were alone right now, what would you do to me?”

This straight up gets his mind wandering to fantasy scenarios all about you. You can continue to bring them up throughout the day, further building him up for when the time finally comes…

“Mmm – you know, just looking at you in that *outfit* is making me wet…”
He’ll be in such shock that he’ll probably want to stop whatever activity you are doing and rush you straight home. Don’t let him – this is a great one to let sit…

“You were a stallion last night…“
If you want to validate a man and have him puffing out his chest for days, complementing his bedroom performance is a sure-fire way to do it.

“Can I tell you something? Seeing you *wearing X/doing X* this morning got me so horny, I decided not to wear underwear today…”
Not only is this a massive sexually validating compliment, but it will see you spending the rest of the afternoon with a very horny man.

“*whisper* I can’t wait – I want you right now”
You’ll be over his shoulders and off to a private location so fast you won’t know what hit you.

If he can’t get you somewhere private right then – even better! Until he can, he’ll spend the rest of the day staring at his watch, waiting to get you home.

“Even the way you *action* makes me horny. Fuck!”
From the way he talks to the way he walks or looks at you – pick something he does that drives you wild and tell him about how much it riles you up.

“*whisper* When we get home tonight – I want you to *action* to me in *place*”
Be creative. The more taboo and descriptive, the more he’s going to be wanting to get you home so he can make your fantasies real…

“Jesus you know what to do to me… I lost count of how many times you finished me last night…”
Only say it if it’s true, but there is nothing in the world you can say to him that will make him feel like more of a man.

“I had another one of those dreams about you last night… You did some things to me you’ve never done before…”
Want to send your man’s mind into a hot fantasy spin about you? This simple statement is the way. Let him ruminate on it throughout the day, drip feeding him more details bit by bit. By the time he gets you home, he’s going to be a bee to honey in fulfilling your fantasy.

“Can I tell you a secret – the other night, when you were away, I touched myself twice thinking about you…”
Not only will he want you right there and right now, but he’ll be obsessed all day with finding out the details of what you were thinking about.

“When we get home, I want you to do whatever you want to me. Don’t ask. Just do”
His imagination will run wild with the possibilities, and all he’ll want to do is get you home and let loose.

These 12 things all have one thing in common – they make a man, no matter who he is, feel great about himself and his connection with you. When used with a man you feel comfortable with, they show him what he does for you and to you, fostering a chemistry and create sensations in him that have the potential to last a lifetime.